VV Baptism Testimonies

Stacy Link

After trying almost a life time to live life on my own and trying different ways, I realized that Jesus had been calling to me for years through the good and loving Christians he had put in my life. I realized I could never find a way free of myself and sins, that I needed Jesus forgiveness and to save me. I need to follow him in order to save my life. My life had become very lonely, sad and hopeless.

The family I am living with knew that I served God and prayed but that I had not yet accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. On the evening of Christmas day 2015, they invited me to say a prayer with them, asking Jesus to forgive me and to come into my life as my Savior. Head of the household and my friend Ron led the prayer and has let me use his Bible until I can afford to buy one, which I hope is soon!

I have been attending HDC since the Sunday after Christmas. I am eager to begin my new life in Christ and so far I have attended new member class, baptism class and small group launch, where I found a group that meets Wednesdays at 9am starting the first week in February. Since I asked Jesus to come into my life, I feel I have new meaning and purpose. I know I am not alone any more and feel more at peace.

I have known about Jesus and loved him for a long time (what's not to love?). Now I have made a decision to place my faith in him as my Savior. I feel Him in my heart and life as a father, brother and friend whose perfect life can show me the way and whose forgiveness I need as I will always fall short. I no longer have to feel, lost, alone and bewildered.