VV Baptism Testimonies

Quishayla Hubbard

I need Christ to take away my sin. The reason I need that is because all the hatred and other sins such as jealousy or negativity I see in the world, I realize I have all those to in my cold stone heart. The amazing part about it that Jesus can release the heart of sin and put in a heart of flesh. Before I let Christ in my life I was pretty disrespectful to others around me like friends, teachers, classmates, etc. I'm very happy that that changed.

Last year at HDC Christian Church Camp, someone told me,

"Jesus is going to be there for you, whether you want him to or not. You really have no choice, so stop ignoring him because he's sitting right next to you, waiting for you to notice him. You should talk to him." As that night came I was actually talking to him as if I could see him and it really helped me out since I was having a really hard time at camp. I am REALLY thankful for the people that help me which is Kyle, My Momma and Brother, and My Small group leaders: Chantell and Kyra. I'm really happy I have them in my life.

Since I have accepted Jesus in my life, I try to Love, Forgive, and Respect others around me. Life treats you a little better when it's almost sinless. Also with Jesus by your side, nothing feels totally impossible. At least you always know that you have someone by your side. If me and my family had no Jesus, most likely we’d be fighting all the time so I am so grateful to have Him.