VV Baptism Testimonies

Nadia Herrera

I learned about God from my mommy, grandpa, grandma, and going to church. I also learn about God well reading my bible; sometimes with my mom, sometimes with my grandparents, and even by myself. Through reading the bible and going to church I learned about God’s love for me and that He doesn’t just love me but also my family and everyone else in the world.

I’ve always loved God because he loved me and because he died for our sins and I think that’s awesome. One night by myself in my room I asked Jesus to come into my heart but the night of November 15, 2015 with my mom’s help I made it official and asked Jesus into my heart and life forever; my mom wanted to be extra sure about this.

I want to follow Jesus because I love Him and He loves me and also because he’s my dad. My dad isn’t in my life but God shows me his love every day and gave me my Grandpa who loves me just like a dad would. I want to be able to show others like me without a dad that you will be ok and that Jesus will always be your dad and never leave you.