VV Baptism Testimonies

Kaeley Thomas

  I understand that I needed Christ to take away my sins, so that I can be the person he intended for me to be. As a young child my grandma would tell me amazing stories about Jesus, it was then I knew I needed him to be part of my life. I understood that to be truly loved all I need was Jesus Christ. 

    Life before I gave it to Christ was very stressful. I became very depressed, because instead of putting Christ first I was putting someone else first. That someone being the father of my child. I lost who I was, I was so concerned about pleasing him in every way to prove my love. I fought with my family, lost my best friend  of four years, and lost my self. My family and I wanted so much to help him to be clean from the drug addiction and decisions he was making, I had no time for anything else. I continued to pray, cry, and pray more to God to show me a sign. He showed me signs multiple times. He stole from my family, mt best friends parents, and my self. He wrecked my cars, and put my daughters and I life in danger.  I chose to ignore these signs several times. It wasn't till after the home he was living in got raided and he got taken to jail, when I realized I needed to stop putting him first and put Christ first. I received Jesus Christ in my life when Christ took me out of a very toxic and manipulative relationship. 

    If it wasn't for the people and situations Christ strategically placed in my life  I would still be stuck in a down ward spiral. Jesus did this for me when the home was raided about six months ago I had, had enough of the negativity he was bringing to my life, and God had answered my prayers. I had been set free from the anger, sadness, and loneliness I was feeling, Jesus showed me what love really means. I received Christ because I knew there was something more for my daughter and I. I not only prayed for peace in my heart but prayed for what Christ wanted me to do. Since then I have felt a love in my heart like no other person in this world could give me.  

    My Parents are my number one supporters. They were there for me through it all, a shoulder to cry on and always a supportive word. They always let me know God is with me and by my side. My coworker and close friend Jennie is the one who helped me understand that Christ will always be there for me. She helped me understand that God has a greater plan for me and my daughter. 

    My life now is amazing with Jesus in it. I am learning to be myself again, I am happy and no longer depressed. I have received so many blessings since following Christ. I am friends again with mt best friend Deanna , My daughter loves her and her two beautiful daughters. I have been blessed with my own place to live, I have an amazing job and great co-workers. I am ale to spread the joy to everyone about how happy I am seen I have accepted Christ in my life. 

    A verse that I believe everyone should remember is Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I find this verse my favorite. It is so inspirational because, I wouldn't have been able to have the strength by myself to make the decision I did without Christ. He continues to keep me strong and the faith that I can do anything through Jesus.