VV Baptism Testimonies

Crystal Mayles

I was raised a believer in Christ, but when I was younger I lost my way and lost my faith. Things were really rough when I was a kid and I went through a lot of struggles that changed me. I grew up with my father in and out of my life due to drug abuse. I was abused by someone that I looked up to and trusted. By the time I hit high school I was a mess. Between self-harm, partying, and letting myself be used I was heading down a dark path. After I had my daughter I got chronically sick and lost my fertility. I sunk into a deep depression and felt like my life was over, especially after my marriage ended. That was when I realized I needed to be saved.

I knew the only person who could save me was God and I regained my faith. I knew he had a plan for me and for all I had been through. I started praying every night and went back to church. I accepted Jesus into my life again because I knew he was the light. He was the one who would guide me and help me realize the path he had chosen for me. Since then I still struggle with my condition and depression, but God has given me the strength to return to school, be a full time mother, and to move on from my past and try to live my life in his name, becoming the person he created me to be.