VV Baptism Testimonies

Ashley Gaines

It was at my absolute lowest moment in life that I came to Christ. From a young age, I had admitted that I was a sinner, and even believed in God with all of my heart, but I realized that it never really went beyond that until that day. The day that I came to Christ, I felt hopeless, alone, afraid, and had no energy left in me to carry on. In my bedroom, I dropped to my knees and told God that I was giving Him control over my life, because I knew that me being in control was not working. I am not going to say that every day since then has been perfect, because life still has it struggles, but I have a great feeling of peace in my heart knowing that I can seek God through all of my trials, and that He has my best interest at heart. It has made my life worth living in a way that I never thought possible. I feel whole and complete for the first time in a long time.