VV Baptism Testimonies

Amber Robinson

I have been going to church since I was a little girl. My grandmother would take me every Sunday until one day I just stopped going. I had lost my faith. There was some hard stuff going on both at school and at home. My parents and I couldn’t get along and I ended up getting kicked out of their house. I felt very alone and unwanted. I ended up moving into my best friend’s house. I call everyone in my home my family now because they have all helped me through my struggles. I graduated high school early, finished some college courses, and began accomplishing things I never thought that I could. Then, I lost someone who was close to me and I began to feel more alone and unwanted than I did when my parents kicked me out. One day things started to change.

I realized I can’t do everything on my own and I need help. I began to pray and accept Christ as my savior back into my life. I didn’t feel alone anymore and now when I look back on this past year I see how strong I am. That I made it through a lot of rough times. And I was able to do that because even when I felt alone, I wasn’t. God has always been there. He was there for the times I told myself, “I can’t do this anymore”, and when I thought things would never get better. He proved me wrong and led me to the path he has chosen for me. I am very grateful for everyone I call family, and for the love of Jesus who has been there every step of the way.