VV Baptism Testimonies

Ricardo Quillopo

I grew up Catholic, always knowing there was Jesus Christ, always knowing of His sacrifice for our sins.  But, it always went in one ear and out the other.  As years went by I grew into sinning heavily, dealing with gangs, violence and drugs and so on.  I met my wife when I was 23 and at that time was slowing down from that lifestyle.

            A couple years later we ended up in Victorville with 2 kids and a small 2 bedroom house in the middle of nowhere on an acre of land.  I had a small record but it was enough for no one to want to hire me.  I hustled tattoos and had thought that was my future, my ticket to fortune.  Boy, was I wrong.  It just made me go crazy.  I started having depression because I never left my house and any customers I had, came to me.

            Throughout the years being there, depression put a butt kicking on me and also my life and relationship with my wife and kids.  I was always angry, always bitter, never wanted to leave my hole I called home.  At times I had gotten so deep into my craziness I contemplated suicide, but something within me kept telling me to not give up, don’t let evil win.  This whole time my wife and kids were going to church.  I was fighting a battle in myself, a battle of good and evil and at the time evil was winning.  In time I was able to do some good and clean my record which in turn I was able to gain employment.  That meant that I can start providing for my family,  that was a big step for me.  During this whole time I kept getting invited to go to church but I turned it down time and time again, not knowing that every time I turned it down I was hurting my little girls and letting my wife down.  I was not being a man.  Our relationship was going nowhere and it started taking a toll on me.  I was even doing poorly at work and my depression came and went in strong waves.

I went through two jobs in no time and was on the verge of losing another plus my relationship with my family.  I was ready to give up on life, ready to go back to what I knew best, but for some reason something or someone deep down said keep fighting, keep going, do not give up.  I went unemployed for a month and a half.  I was so over life, mentally and physically.  I had always knew God existed so I confided in him, I cried out to Him, what do I do?  Where do I go?  The very next day I got a call about a job, not only just a job but a temp for the County.  Things made a big leap and I knew this was God’s doing.

            As I started this new job I was put with this older Mexican man who at the time was into his relationship with God and had gone through many trials and tribulations within his own life.  As I worked with this man day in and day out, he taught me about who Christ was, what His sacrifices meant and who shall lead us in life. This man had lead me to giving my life to Jesus because this man had went through the same situations I went through and had actually lost it all.  He told me how it feels to have it all gone and lose everything you love.  He was my path to Christ and what I needed in my life was Jesus Christ and nothing else.   I know that His way is the only way and that this time my life is in His hands.