VV Baptism Testimonies

Raquel Ramirez

“Made us alive with Christ, even when we were dead in our trespasses. It is by grace you have been saved!” Ephesians 2:5

For my God is so good and deserves all the praise! Without Him my life would be so empty, and it is by his good grace that he has saved me and given me a purpose!

In all my years of life these past 6 months have been the most life I’ve ever experienced.  It isn’t to say that before Christ (B.C) life was hard, it had its rough, shaping moments but it also had those joyous moments.  You know what the most beautiful part of my B.C life? Is that my Father never left my side, He always protected me. My parents always had God first in our household, going to church every Sunday and praying before meals at the dinner table, I remember hearing about this God that had saved my parents marriage, stripped my dad of his alcoholic cravings and ultimately brought my mom back to us after experiencing a heart attack. Hearing all these great testimonies told by my parents and other believers around me was never enough,  I could never quite grasp the God they had talked so fondly about. Looking back it could’ve been the fact that I was so bitter against God. I was that teenager who asked that cliché question of why did God let this happen? How can he let someone so toxic into my life? A person who robbed my joy, my innocence and my desire to live.  Six years of battling these ugly depressive thoughts finally came to an end when I realized I couldn’t carry this burden alone and confessed what had happened to my parents in 2012. From that night on, God has healed me in so many ways.  I was a walking testimony to my now favorite saying “saved by grace”!  My parents continued to pray for me and guide me through this process of ultimate healing.  During this period, I still wasn’t seeking His face everyday, I was still of this world, the desire was there but I wasn’t willing to put in the work of opening His good Word and praying to Him.

 Fast forward to 2016, the year that can be defined as a complete turnaround. My prayers at the time consisted of finding those cool Christian friends who would be a positive influence on my life.  I was tired of getting hurt by my friends who would serve themselves rather than others. So in April God delivered, out of the blue my friend Stella invited me to feed the homeless with her good friend Bianca.  As soon as I walked inside her home I was welcomed with such a welcoming, loving presence, the way these strangers embraced me was not normal. My now good friend Andres didn’t even know my name or my back story but was so willing to invite me to his Christian concert, and my dearest friend Kellee helped me gain an understanding of Christ with her God-given knowledge. It was these very people who God used to give me a visual of Christ’s love.  Once I got a taste of His unfailing love I couldn’t go back. Every day is an opportunity to fall deeply in love with my creator, this one of a kind relationship/friendship is one I hold most dear to my heart, He’s my safe haven, my 1st in command and ultimately my Savior!