VV Baptism Testimonies

Monica Mendez

Since being a little girl I had always known there was God as my dad was a Christian. Growing up I felt a special protective shield over me. Being young, I wasn't able to recognize exactly what it was. I had went on and started a family at the age of 21. I now have 3 beautiful children. My life partner and father to my children was an alcoholic who had just recently passed last year. As a lot of people know, dealing with an alcoholic is never easy or peaceful. I have endured a lot of love, as well as a lot emotional pain watching the sickness continue to now having to be a single mother of 3 very young children. It was a huge transition I knew I could never face or get through alone.

As I had lived my relationship out through both the wonderful times and the bad I identified the shield that was always protecting me. It was our Heavenly Father protecting me and showering me with His love & mercy. He had always heard my cries, felt my pain and it is all thanks to Him, as he always listened and comforted me in all situations I had come to face. My God is good and it is through His strength that I am here and able to continue on and take care of not only myself, but my children.

I am by no means perfect, but I have repented from my sins and received forgiveness. I have accepted Jesus Christ as my savior, for salvation comes through Him only. And so it is by the grace of God I am now healing. Very unexpectedly, I have been not lucky, but I have been blessed. I had absolutely NO thoughts or intentions of ever meeting anyone. However, God had other plans. My path was led to cross the path of the most wonderful man who had also endured a lot of pain. He not only loves me and my children... But he Loves God First. He follows God in all he does on his journey through life. Together with The Lord as our foundation, there is nothing we cannot overcome. We are a beautifully blended family.

So as I start a new chapter in my life, I feel the purpose in my life, is to ALWAYS trust and put God first. To love & obey our Lord with all of my heart and do my very best to follow Him in all I do. Also, I know It is my duty as a mother to teach my children of their Father in heaven. So it is my decision to step forward and dedicate myself to be baptized in Jesus' Mighty Name!

For All Glory To God!