VV Baptism Testimonies

Mathew Folmar


         I lived life according to my will and enjoyed what life had to offer. It led me to taking part in all sorts of illegal activity to make money, and I had no remorse about the consequences. I eventually got addicted to drugs and the party life to fill the hole inside myself. I never felt content with anything and always felt I wasn't good enough.

How and when and why:

       My drug addiction pushed me to the end of my rope.  I destroyed my marriage and was about to lose my job. I decided to use my medical insurance to go to a drug rehab and took a leave of absence from work. The only rehab I could afford to go to ended up being a Christian rehab my mom recommended. I reluctantly went because I felt I had no choice and was determined not  to be brain washed. During my stay there I had to attend church and took part in bible studies. I slowly opened up to the message being presented to me through church and the bible. It started sounding really appealing to be forgiven for the sins I had committed in my life and start life fresh with the help of a savior who had died for me. One day during a bible study my counselor David Gonzales asked us if any one would like to say a prayer to ask Jesus to be our savior. I knew at that moment I needed Jesus in my life and i raised my hand. I said a prayer with David and asked Jesus to forgive me and to be my savior. It was an amazing moment for me that I will never forget.


        I have a peace and serenity in my life like I have never experienced before. I never imagined the relief that came from being forgiven from the sins I’ve committed. I have lost the obsession to use drugs and alcohol and have been sober for close to two years now. That is a miracle and I give all the glory to god for His help with that issue. I attend church regularly and read my bible on a daily basis. I never thought I would ever be living a life according to God's direction, and the more parts of my life I surrender to God's will, the better my life is becoming. There  is no turning back for me. This the way I want to live my life, and I am looking forward to what God has in store for me next.