VV Baptism Testimonies

Marcel Wright


1. Jesus Christ truly came into my life when I was listening to music on the radio and song after song was discrediting God and the singers and rappers were blasphemous.. From there God opened my blinders so I could see what this world was really about. From that day I knew I had to make a choice; choose the world or God and I chose my savior Jesus Christ.

2. My faith in God was lukewarm.  I would take a lot of the opinions of the world and make them my own. I would accept a lot of things even if I thought they were wrong.

How and When and Why

3. When the lord spoke to me and showed me the things of the world and the deception that is taking place I knew I needed to give my life to Christ so I can walk the right path.

4. The word of God helped me. I started reading the bible on a daily basis and noticed that the problems of the world right now are the same problems over 2,000 years ago.


5. I feel more spiritually free. I see the world completely different these days. Since I have saved I feel like I need the Word everyday, I go to church every weekend and I encourage my family to learn more about Christ.

6. Put your trust in God and His words and you will be set free.