VV Baptism Testimonies

Kelly Nunes

I have always, that I can remember, been part of a church. I went to Vacation Bible Schools and attended church off and on growing up. I went through the religiously curious stage of looking for "where I belonged" in world's religions. Through a relationship, I became distracted. Distracted from my core beliefs and values. I knew something was missing. 

Almost 6 years of losing myself and not realizing who I was, I was blessed with this amazing man, my husband of 11 years, who knew God. Our paths were crossed for a reason... We regularly have attended High Desert Church from the very beginning of our relationship. Through worship (I've always been musically inclined and music speaks volumes to me), having at least one point of a message always seeming to have some sort of meaning speak directly to me, and the fact that we have considered HDC our home church, I was finding ME again through God. 

As I reflect, life has had it challenges and difficulties through pain, loss, not understanding situations/people, and the question of "why?" During those times, I continuously find myself yearning and needing God. The answer may not be immediate, but the comfort and realization that He is all knowing gives faith and solace. Life also has had amazing blessings through marriage, children, family, friends (who quite frankly are family), and so much more. Knowing that I would have NOTHING without Him makes my heart happy and filled with emotional joy that one cannot always explain. So, then I ask myself, why would you not profess your love and following of Jesus Christ? 

I was baptized as a baby, but as my relationship with God has solidified I now know what it means to "choose" Him. By admitting my sins and believing in Him, I chose to follow Him. Though an exact moment of the day I decided to accept God I do not remember, I do recall taking a moment for myself to pray to God to place my complete faith in Him. I can be known as a worrier and quite frankly in times of need or struggle my faith has secured me. I know that through Him I can do all things! I may not know the Bible inside and out, but I find that my faith and my heart is complete and if I seek Him first all things will be revealed and have a purpose. 

I look forward to being an example to others and especially for my boys. I want to be the best wife, friend, daughter, educator, mother I can be. I know I can achieve this by God's plan for me. I will ONLY have success through Him. I look forward to my journey.