VV Baptism Testimonies

James Pollard

I first realized I needed Christ in my life to take away my sin when I started going to a friends church with him. The more I learned about the Bible and the story of Christ, the more I realized I needed Christ in my life. I was scared that my sin would define me in any future relationship that I had with anybody else, considering I was living in sin. My life was very dull and felt so empty without Christ. It was full of sinful nature and so much negative energy that I didn't like the way that I was living because I was living for the flesh and not for Christ. I've always believed in Jesus Christ, God and everything thing else the Bible had to offer, I just never went into depth with my faith. What was a big help was my girlfriend, Makenna. It wasn't until we had started talking to each other that I realized how great her life was with Christ in it, and I wanted that amazing filling lifestyle. So when I was looking to go to church the Landini's offered for me to attend HDC with them in early March. I've always wanted to be a man of God and somebody who knows the Bible so well that they can help anybody when needed. I wanted to be that kind, compassionate, caring, loving, Godly man that I've dreamed of being. HDC has been a huge help in understanding the Word by all the sermons and the way that the sermons really go into depth with what's being talked about. The sermons made it really easy to feel loved and taken care of my God and not to fear being judged by others. So many people helped me understand what to do. My biggest help in understanding Christ was Makenna and her family. Anytime I had a question, they would answer it and explain in detail what stuff meant. Also Mikey Powers and Dan Landini are perfect examples of what being a man of God looked like. Kerri Landini was such a great help in helping me understand that Jesus died for our sins, and even though I had sinned, my sin was already forgiven. Jesus forgave my sin, so she told me from knowing that it was myself I needed to forgive for living in that sin for so long. Now with knowing Jesus Christ in my life, my life has been just so filled with love and more positive energy. I'm not nearly as judgmental as I was just a few months ago. I always do my best to lend out a helping hand to any person who needs that kind of love and compassion in their life. Before, I was dead in my sin, and now, through Christ I am alive.