VV Baptism Testimonies

Emily Marcus

Jesus Christ has always been a part of my life. I grew up in a Christian home and spent my Sunday's in church. As the years went on I found myself drifting away from the life I knew I was supposed to be living. I drifted away from God. I approached many rough patches and tragedies the past 2 years and it made me realize, in order to heal I need Jesus. My path of sins needed to be over and I felt that I needed to go back to God. 

Before I made the decision to come back to Christ my life was full of hardships, self doubt, insecurities, and loneliness. My friends were not the crowd I was wanting to be around and I was always disappointing myself.  

 About 2 years ago my step father passsed away in a tragic going. It broke me so deeply and whatever little relationship I had with God, was extremely damaged after that. I blamed God for not making my dad better. I was angry with why God would let my dad leave all his daughters who loved him dearly. I started turning my back to God. 6 months ago I decided I wanted to change the way I was living because living bound in bitterness was not what I wanted to continue doing. I asked my friend Makenna to bring me to church with her and the entire sermon I wept. I cried for my step dad, I cried for my sisters, I cried for my mom, and I cried for my dad. That was when I realized I needed Jesus. I needed Jesus for the good and bad. And I am ready to dedicate my life back to him.  

My sister Erica has been a wonderful Shepard for me. She has always kept Jesus in my mind and she shines a true light that I wanted to be apart of, knowing only Christ could provide. My friend Makenna was also a huge factor of me coming back to Christ because when I approached her with my desire to go to church she volunteered her church and made sure to go with me and has been so helpful any time I needed it. 

My life has changed so much since I've accepted Jesus. My self worth has improved, my heart has drastically changed and my understanding of life has deepened. He is my peace, he is my strength. Jesus you are my King.