VV Baptism Testimonies

Donnielle Kirkpatrick

I came to understand that I need Christ to take away my sin because I want to be forgiven for being a sinner, I want to live for Him on Earth and join Him in heaven in the afterlife. 

I was baptized Lutheran when I was 5 but, I didn't receive Christ as a Christian as my Lord and Savior 20 years ago. But, it wasn't until I was attending the series "Realignment" (via a cell phone in a house with NO Internet from Arizona) that I truly FELT I NEED Him in my life, the way He is now. 

Before, I was on SEVERAL depression and anxiety medications that LITERALLY had me "Checked Out Of Living", I was manipulated by people who, thankfully, are no longer afflicting my life, my marriage was falling apart (and I didn't even know it!) and my children didn't know if or how to approach me. The week "Realignment" was introduced in church, my family was literally split up and we were living apart from each other. It was THE worst time of my life... Then, Christ "Realigned" ME.

My dear friend, TJ Rodriguez, helped me to get through that difficult time and has watched me transition. She's been my "Spiritual Advocate" and go to person. When she prays over me, I FEEL the Word of Christ wash over and move through me. I'm so grateful for her.

The second week of the "Realignment" series, I fell apart and went onto my knees. I asked Jesus to forgive me, show me His ways and TAKE OVER... and... He did! He guided ALL of us back together AMAZINGLY fast and my life has FOREVER been changed because of Him!

Now, I'm actively using my Bible app, praying to and praising Jesus, sharing His love and grace with others and praying for others openly. I'm COMPLETELY off ALL those horrible medications and I'm getting in physical shape, with the help of my personal trainer! My relationship with my husband is getting better, with the help of weekly counseling with Pastor Tim Wheeler. My children are even noticing a "New Mom Is In Town" because I'm participating in EVERY activity of their lives and our relationships are doing better, too. 

I feel BLESSED and THANKFUL every single day.