VV Baptism Testimonies

Daniela Camacho

The first time I received Christ in my heart I was 5 years old. I was told that the Lord Loves me and he always will no matter what. Even if I don't feel loved by those around me, he always will be there for me. Ever since then I always remembered being taken to Sunday Classes with my neighbor and she always had me involved in the churches activities for the children. From seven years old until about ten I went to bible study at the park near my school every Wednesday with children ages 6-11. I loved going there. It felt comforting to be able to be there with everyone else. My mother never approved of my choice to be a Christian at such a young age. I felt that God has always called on me since I could even understand fully. As I grow up into my teens I did go to youth groups my Friday nights and church Saturday nights. Throughout my high school years I moved up to the high desert and I began to be disconnected with God. I kept getting further and further away but even then God wouldn't completely let me go, even though I pushed him away he was there nudging me. And I had guilt always instilled year after year because I was careless. Once I began collegeI went through so much, I was in and out of my family's home, being kicked out and taken back in. And it was so hard with things in my family that I lived with my uncle for a good while and eventually things got tough there for other reasons and he kicked me out when he no longer lived in that home but my aunt took his side and let him kick me out, at that time I had just met the father of my son and I had no one else to go to. So I ended up living with him because I had no other choice. As the months went on I began to feel this emptiness that not even the love I felt for the man I lived with. I felt guilt every time we were involved sexually. I felt bad every time we went to church on Sundays and to our small group and the way scripture seemed to always be talking about us. It weighed so heavy on my heart for so long. I got pregnant, which wasn't in my plans at all. I was embarrassed to tell my small group and I never wanted to my life to be way it turned out. I had a vision of the way I wanted things to be. Things got worse when I was pregnant and the man I loved cheated on me which was so heart breaking and I decided to ask my family to take me back. Ever since I moved back in things got better for me as the months went by and I began to seek God again , he was all that was missing in my daily life ,  I allowed for Jesus to come back into my heart and accepted that I was indeed a sinner. I cannot see my life without Him. He has been too good to me and I love the life I have with Him in it. Now I'm learning to become the person he wants me to me and everyday he shows me new things I didn’t see before. I see the changes being made in my life and it's truly amazing.