VV Baptism Testimonies

Charles Baumanns

I’ve always been close with God. I've always believed. In 2011 my wife and I started attending HDC then I had my daughter in 2012 and life happened with 3 kids now and newly married, new job shifts, my wife and I fell away from HDC.

It wasn't until March 10, 2016, now with 4 kids and life full blown, when a literal punch in the face woke me up. It's what made me realize that I was about to lose everything. That one moment made me see life and myself more clearly. That living MY way wasn't going as well as I'd thought. I had seen that maybe I wasn't who I'd thought I was being. That I could be more. I wanted more. I realized I needed change and a self look had to happen. Two things men do not want to do.

The following few days were very rough, I was about to lose my best friend, my heart, my wife, to things she's been trying to tell me I needed help with or was not doing for 2+ years. I needed help, I need to talk to someone. I didn't go to my boys right away, or my sisters, mother or even my dad. My first phone call just a few days removed from the 10th of March was to someone I haven't seen in years. Yeah yours truly Tim Kuhl. He welcomed me right into his office and started helping me. I was set up with regular appointments with him to help me be a better person, father, husband, son, brother. And better yet a better servant for our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. 

Now 8 months later I'm where I never thought I'd be. Getting baptized, with my wife, teaching High Schooler’s here on campus every Wednesday about my walk with God helping them in theirs. Growing in knowledge about Him and being eternally grateful that He saved me from ME. So now I’m no longer just close with God, I’m committed to God.