VV Baptism Testimonies

Brian Eudy

Before I came to accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior I was a very angry person. I would blame others for problems in my life and I didn't have the patience to build healthy relationships. I experienced some pretty extreme sexual abuse from a family member several times throughout my childhood and grew up angry at God for allowing that to happen. I blamed him for the anger I had developed. That anger caused many problems throughout my life. Earlier this year my girlfriend, Sarah, encouraged me to begin praying and speaking to God directly. One afternoon after asking God for answers and to make his presence known I began to have an overwhelming emotional response. I couldn't stop sobbing and felt the overwhelming urge to sleep. While I slept I had an amazing dream. Throughout my life I had reoccurring dreams about the childhood abuse I had endured. Well on that day, I dreamt about the same family member, but the dream was not the same. It was filled with the good experiences I had with that person, not the abuse. It felt so full of love. I realized that was God allowing me to release the fear I still lived with and replacing it with a comfort I always wanted. I didn't feel angry, or afraid any longer since then. And I have been able to forgive the person who hurt me. I came to understand that God does love and didn't forsake me and that He was there all along. I'm still learning to accept that sometimes bad things happen, but that we aren't always meant to understand why. I've learned to just have faith that God's love is stronger than any pain we endure.