VV Baptism Testimonies

Antonio Thomas

My dad and Vanessa Dixon is who introduced me to Christ. They have always taught me that He is our Lord and Savior and loves us so much that he gave his life for us to live. I chose to follow God because I know that He is good and I believe in doing good at all times. I know God loves me and I love Him. He takes care of us and will make things better by us praying to him. I started going to High Desert Church on Sunday July 8,2016 with my dad and Vanessa Dixon. They taught me that for us to be a whole family we must have God as our leader for our family. I was with my dad and Vanessa in Victorville when we started going. I chose to make Jesus as the boss of my life because I know He is good and loves me and I love him. Jesus always makes sure that I am safe, loved, and taken care of in life with love from him and my family. He always makes sure that when things are going bad that they get better because he does not want us to suffer.