VV Baptism Testimonies

Amber Wright

1. I realized how much evil is in the world, and I no longer wanted to be a part of that, and only the Lord could do that for me.

2. I've always been   a "Christian" and would pray occasionally, but  still lived a "lukewarm" lifestyle. 

3. Almost five months ago my husband and I were going through many hardships, and one day my husband and I were online watching videos, and God just opened our eyes to the evil in the entertainment industry, and that was something that we were both very consumed by. So it really made us open our eyes and we realized how much idolization the world gives these people, and not Jesus! It broke our hearts, and almost immediately we started to change the way we lived. And we really started putting the Lord first!

4.GOD! it was just plain and simple! we started reading our bibles, praying more, and everything just started becoming more, and more clear!

5. My heart just feels so much different than before. I’m very cautious and aware of, my surroundings, what I say, and how I act. I read my bible, pray, and listen to worship music. I've opened my home up for bible study. I am not afraid to talk about Jesus! 

6. I have always heard many Christians say that "I know my purpose in life now".....well, I know now what my purpose in life is, and that's to shine light on what's dark, just as Jesus has called me to do.