VV Baptism Testimonies

Abraham Munoz

Hi, my name is Abraham Munoz and this is my testimony. God, manifested in me the errors of my ways. If I were to keep that which is dear to me, I must make the change in my life through Christ, my Lord, and Savior.

Before I gave my life to Christ, I lived among the shadows of sin. As a teenager I resented my father, becoming very rebellious. I was raised by the streets of the ghetto, living in the shadow of death. As a young boy, God was set into my mind, as I believed to have had him in my heart. But, I now know it was more my mind, as I was yet to surrender my heart to Christ. I believed that with old behaviors I could fix the wreckage of my past. I finally surrendered when I experienced my most recent brush with the law of man. In my freedom, I found that by the grace of God (though some would call it coincidence) my vehicle was returned, a possible 6 month county jail sentence was not to be, and my God was quick to correct me in my errors, manifesting blessings, as I strengthened my life with Christ.

Though, I’ve always had the support of my beloved sister, Iris Gutierrez, telling me to surrender and let God. I didn’t understand what that meant, until now. My coming to Christ, manifested through trial and error, desperation, solitude, remorse, depression. The only love that I grasped on to, is the love for my son, and my beloved sister. Not wanting to lose that, I knew I had to surrender and let God.

Though I’m still dusting myself off. My life is ever evolving through Christ. I’ve achieved some credentials, and am now enrolled in college. In the short-term, that God’s works may be done through me, I’m to achieve credentials for Drug/Alcohol Counseling. I’ve yet to decide what to major in a BA, but, that’s in the plan as well. Above all God has blessed me with endurance, patience, unforeseen love, and above all peace of mind.

I’ll end this testimony saying this. I’ve lived most of my life among the shadows of sin and death. I am looking forward to living the rest of my life in the light of Christ, along side the love of my son, family, and friends.