VV Baptism Testimonies

Stacy Plaziak

I came to Christ five years ago when my husband left me for another woman after 25 years of marriage.

I have always believed that Jesus was my savior but I didn't  fully understand what that meant until I was at my lowest and Jesus literally put it on my heart to go to church with my aunt. I was raised in a religion that believed in Jesus  but also preached if we ever went to another church it was an unforgivable sin. I look at God as a very judgmental  God and I had to be perfect to keep in His good graces. I was continually feeling I was not good enough and would never be able to make it into His kingdom.  My aunt became  a believer a couple years before my divorce and she always invited me to go to church and I would always respectfully decline. She prayed for me as well as a prayer group she belonged to. I remember waking up one morning and feeling the urge to call my aunt and tell her I was finally ready to go to church.  She was silent for a moment and said Jesus has been waiting. I walked into church feeling like I was finally home and I was so at peace. The sermon that day was God speaking directly to me and I must of went through a whole package of kleenex. As a result my daughters have accepted Jesus in their hearts and one has been baptized.

 Looking back I can see how empty my life was before I accepted Christ. I was too materialistic and I did not have a very forgiving heart. I was depressed a lot of the time and felt my life had no deep meaning.

 Today I have many challenges but what a wonderful feeling not to worry or stress because I truly have blind faith that my Heavenly  Father is always there. I have had prayers answered in a few minutes and others take a bit longer and that just reinforces that God will never let me bear more then I can handle. I am so humbly  grateful that Jesus  loves me so much he died just for me.

 I accepted Jesus in my heart five years ago but now I am ready to publicly show I choose to follow Him by water baptism. 

 Just a side note: Because Jesus showed me how to forgive, my ex husband now attends HDC with my daughters and I. Although I know we will never get back together  I am so happy that he is coming to know Jesus in a way the Catholic Church could never show him. Over the last few months I have watched him go from feeling uncomfortable and guilty to outwardly saying he looks forward to attending HDC every Sunday and learning things about the bible he never know existed Yet another prayer being answered :)