VV Baptism Testimonies

Octavio Nevarez

I always knew God existed but I never had a relationship with him or know how to have one. I always pushed him away. I was on a destructive path ever since high school graduation. I was denied to attend college, the military, and jobs. I wasn't able to drive or vote due to my illegal status in this country. I’m from Tecate B.C. Mexico. I was brought in arms as a toddler. So with no social, no nothing, that led to drugs and alcohol. On November 5th 2010 I was arrested for being drunk in public, ended up at I.C.E and facing deportation. Right there I prayed like never before. Seven days later I made bail and was released that night but didn't learn.  I still continued in that dark path. Then, two years later I met Johanna, and a month after that Frankie. :) I fell in love ever since. A month later and with  many tries the girls convinced me to go to HDC. Since then I've been in love with the Lord. I’m ready to live like how God intended us to live. Ready to guide my family towards Jesus. I admit my sins I believe in Jesus and I choose Jesus.