VV Baptism Testimonies

Nancy Pilotte

I was raised catholic and therefore baptized catholic as an infant.  I followed what I was supposed to do throughout my childhood going to church on Sundays with my family, going to catechism classes and 1st communion etc.  As an adult I went to mass out of obligation. I never felt that I got much out of going and eventually stopped going altogether.  That didn’t feel right to me and I would see people who were so devoted God and happy that I wondered what was wrong with me.  So I went back to mass and joined the choir thinking that should be something good and maybe I will feel the goodness that other people seem to feel, but I never did.   I found myself often thinkingI should be in church  and  was always trying to figure out  why I couldn’tfeel God in my heart the way I was supposed to.  What did they have that I didn’t and I wanted to be a part of that too.

     Then about three years back I was visiting my sister and her family in Texas I was invited to go to church with them.  I was a little reluctant because it wasn’t a catholic service.  My sister said she really liked going to church and that it was different. Both my sister and brother-in-law were both brought up Catholic’s too so I thought well it can’t be that bad.  So I attended and their Christian service in jeans! I was shocked how casual everything was.   The service was awesome and I loved the message because it was told in a way that I could actually relate.  The worship was amazing and I could not believe how awesome God and Jesus were worshipped.  Everyone seemed so down to earth and very welcoming unlike the formal catholic service I was used to.  So when I returned home from Texas I began “church hopping” until I found a church similar to my sister’s.  I went through several and finally found HDC which is much more than I could ever ask for.  I love the worship, the message, the pastor’s and all the people I have met in the church.   I can say that I really feel God’s presence with me now.  .  He is giving me the strength and peace I have been longing for.   I am a much happier person and am so grateful to have finally “found God.”  So in giving back, I am currently serving on the safety team for healthcare.  I am getting baptized now as a symbol of God’s grace and because it is a way to publicly pledge my allegiance to Him.