VV Baptism Testimonies

Jeff Houlemard

As long as I can remember I always had the foundation of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.  My Parents, my  Nana and Tata gave me that.  The only problem was I lived for myself and others, and not Jesus.  Even when  I got in trouble or Sinned I would worry about making it right with my family or friends first and never worried about making it right with the Lord.  Growing my knowledge and applying what is written in the bible and accepting that Jesus is the Savior and nobody gets to heaven except through him, has affirmed why I was saved more than 15 years ago and never admitted it until recently. I joined the Navy as a Helicopter Rescue Swimmer.  After completing my training In January of 2000, I had received orders to go to the east coast for my ultimate duty station.  A few months into my tour I learned that there was a helicopter crash and killed everyone on board.   The reason I am able to tell this story is because I never made it to my duty station.  On base aboard North Island San Diego, I was assaulted and stabbed numerous times in the head and abdomen.  Finally getting to the hospital, laying on the operating table I could hear a Doctor talking on the phone.  Roughly two in the morning I could rememberwhat the questions were.  "Do you have a Son in the military? What are his features?  What is his Social?"  They were Vetting whoever was on the phone to make sure they had the right Parents.  The next thing that I heard changed my life forever, and maybe for the good.  Whoever was on the other end of the phone was told by the Doctor, "Please come quick, your Son was attacked and assaulted and he has lost a tremendous amount of blood.  We don't think he is going to make it!"  Hearing that actually put a fight within me.  I remember closing my eyes and crying.  I'm never going to see anyone again.  I wanted to at least tell them that I loved them one last time.  All these emotions ran through my head, and then a sense of calm came over me.  I said a little prayer.  Please Lord wake me back up.  I have too much to offer and too much left to give.  It is because of His grace I am still here.  He allowed me to be back with my Soul Mate, and the love of my life Shannon,  I also have four amazing kids.  It all came with a price though.  In the beginning I was hurt, mad, angry.  My heart was hardened and I was unable to be companionate.  Through some stumbling and falling I now have realized that my Strengths are within Jesus, and because of Admitting, Believing and Choosing Christ as my savior, Jesus lives in me.  Philippians 4:13 Sums it all up for me.  I can do everything through Him who gives me strength.  Thank you.