VV Baptism Testimonies

Janessa Searcy

The first time I went to church, I went with my friend from school, Payton.  I loved the worship and going to the small group.  I asked my parents to keep taking me to church.  I have now been going for almost two years.  I have learned about God from my parents, my small group and going to Summer Camp.

After going to church every week and learning more about Jesus, I decided that I wanted to follow him.  I learned about the ABCs, Admit, Believe and Choose.  I learned that the only way to heaven is to choose to follow Jesus because he died on the cross for our sins.  So at the Easter service in 2014, I prayed with my small group leader, Miranda, and said the ABCs.

I am choosing to let Jesus lead my life because he helps me every day.  He listens to my prayers, helps me be a better person and helps me to live a life with less sin.  Plus I get to go to Heaven with my family.  I want to get baptized so I can show people that I really do believe in Jesus.