VV Baptism Testimonies

Dennis Searcy


1.       In a few sentences, write what led you to understand that you need Christ to take away your sin:

I realized that I could not live a full happy life on my own and I needed help.  

2.       Describe what your life was like before you gave your life to Jesus Christ:

My life and heart felt empty.  I felt like I could never be content and happy.

How and When and Why:

1.       Tell us how and when and why (specific details) you received Christ as your Lord and Savior.  Explain it in such a way that a non-Christian would understand how to become a Christian.

I started learning about the A, B, C’s when I began regularly attending HDC close to two years ago. I had no problem with the A, which is ”Admit” that I am a sinner.  I knew I was far from perfect and struggled with my own problems.  I had no problem with B, which is “Believe” that Jesus Christ is my savior.  I knew what Jesus has done for all of us by dying for our sins and creating a way for us to get back home to heaven. I feel that I did read too much into C which is “Choose” to follow Jesus as our Savior. I felt I made excuses such as I am not good enough to be baptized and I did not know enough of the Bible to truly follow.  This is not the case. I do not need to polish myself to “Choose” to follow Jesus and I will learn the Bible as I grow spiritually.

2.       Who helped you understand what to do?

A combination of people helped me understand what to do.  During Church service, Pastor Tom, Pastor Todd, Pastor Tim and Pastor Jeff helped me learn and understand. My family and close friends also has helped me learn and spiritually grow in the past two years.


1.       In a few sentences, explain how your life is different now that Jesus is in it.

I have a feeling of peace and happiness in my life.  Even though life is still difficult at times, I have a sense of purpose and know that I am not alone in this imperfect life.  I welcome and look forward to the time that my family and I will be together in heaven as a result of what Jesus has done for us.

2.       Make sure you have a clear and concise closing that you can memorize to tell others.

I have been worried that I am not good enough to be baptized and follow Christ.  Over time, and with help from family, friends and HDC, I have realized that following Jesus is not about being good enough.  We just need to Admit, Believe and Choose to follow Christ as our Lord and Savior.  The baptism class explained in a simple way and also helped me understand that I just need to believe with my heart to follow Jesus.