VV Baptism Testimonies

Danielle Green

I have a lot to be thankful for and I owe it all to Jesus. I am where I am today and have a lot going for myself and my family because of our faith.

  Before I chose to truly follow Christ, I wasn't determined in life and was always wondering what is my purpose of being here. I Was stuck in the same type of jobs and got into a very unhealthy relationship which was ongoing for a decade. I always hoped something better would come along but never believed that I was deserving of it. 

  I owe it all to Jesus that my Husband walked into my life showing me what true love really is with a partner and bringing back life to me and my son, taking all my worries away and giving us a future as a family to look forward to without questioning the past.

  I was always a believer at such a young age. My mother and my Nanny showed us the meaning of prayer and kept us humble. We thanked God before bed and for blessing us with another day.

 My grandpa passed away from lung cancer when I was about 10 years old. I remember shutting everyone out being  so distraught except for God. I would pray every day hoping he went to Heaven and giving thanks for the time I did spend with him. It helped  immensely. Over the Years I have lost a lot of close relatives to illnesses, but knowing that there is a God and that they are in Heaven together relives some of that pain I had felt and puts my heart at ease. 

 My friend Ammie spoke to me about getting back into church and having God in the joining of our marriage. I really reflected on that because she herself was baptized not to long before she had wrote such sincere words on my engagement card. She had a lot to be thankful and had that awe in Christ that I longed for. She helped me by inviting us back to the church and seeing it through her eyes.  

  Now that I have Jesus in my life I am no longer complaining about everyday life I am enjoying it and so gracious to be here and thankful for who I am surrounded with. I see people in a whole other light and try to see the good in them instead of recognizing the bad.