VV Baptism Testimonies

Alexzandria Ortega

1.  I wasn't fully following Christ. I know him and want to follow but I was doing my own thing and rebelling. I was boarder lined just teetering back and forth. I need to be with Christ always not just when it counts.

2. Before Christ, I was very angry, I didn't care too much about what I said and how I said it or in front of who I said it. I didn't discuss Christ with others, or would avoid Christ conversations to ignore the fact that I'm not too bible smart. But none of that matters now. I learn more and more everyday, and I love sharing. Especially with my daughter.

3. I lost my mom December 22, 2014 to cancer, the day before I gave birth to my son, Joseph. It wasn't until at her memorial that I learned she had accepted Christ. After her passing I was upset, taking my anger out on the people I love the most. I knew I needed to change. I went back to church and after a few services, I accepted Christ (I thought). It wasn't until the baptism class that I realized I didn't fully accept Christ, there were things that I still was doing and I still had a stone heart. So than and there I fully accepted Christ and won't be teetering back and forth. I avoid set backs. I will be the a good example for my kids through Christ.

4. Pastor Jeff and the baptism class really helped me to fully understand.

5. After accepting Christ, I feel renewed. My mind is more clear, I don't worry and think before I speak. Avoid conflict or talk it out respectfully.

6. I'm stronger through Christ and Christ alone.