VV Baptism Testimonies

Levi Walden

I was living a life filled with lies and sin. I barely knew who I was, but acted like I did. I was trying to live a life based on my guidelines and realized I wasn't doing a very good job. My wife has been a Christian through her childhood to adulthood. Because of her and her family, I have a better understanding of the Lord. Soon I began to realize I needed Christ to take away my sin and I needed to follow the path he has set for me not the one I was trying to create.

In my life, there were many bumpy roads I have gone down. I was deceitful to others, selfish, I manipulated things for my own advantage, and a huge thing I still suffer from is the control of stress and anxiety.... I suffer from a broken a childhood, my mom was always there in a sense, but my father was consumed in his work, drinking, drugs, and gambling. To this day I forgive him at least I say I do, but deep down I still hurt. Things over the last few years have changed tremendously such as my parents being back in the church and have been baptized and are following Christ.

Now that I have admitted my sin, believe that Christ is my savior and that he died for our sins, and was resurrected, now that I've given my life to Christ as he did for us, my life has changed and is changing more and more everyday. I've been able to call myself a Christian, wake up happy every morning, my anxiety has almost completely diminished, my marriage is at its peak of happiness, I was blessed with my first son, and the biggest thing I'm blessed to say I can spread the word of the Lord not just to anyone, but to everyone and someone in dear heart that really makes me smile and feel good about my relationship with the Lord. My father seeks change and growth in our religion and wants to be a better person, father, and most of all a better husband to my mother. I, as his son, have been able to see him grow and have been able to preach to him the knowledge HDC as preached to myself.

The Lord is an amazing lord, he has changed my life and turned it right side up. Getting baptism done is just one more step on my ladder to the Lord and a promise that I will never quit seeking him and that in my household as a husband and father, the Lord will be welcome unconditionally and we will follow his name for he is God Almighty.