VV Baptism Testimonies

Jordan Dennison


1. What led me to understand that I need Christ to take away my sin?

Imagine a six year old girl. Quiet as a mouse but every time she spoke it was mostly lies. Every child wants to be cool and accepted. The one way I saw was to lie. Fast forward a couple years to a fourteen year old teen. Lying came natural at this point. I had fake friends and a fake life. Sometimes I got caught lying. Lost friends. Lost trust. Lost myself.

It was a normal day. Went to school, worked on my homework, and etc. My mother asked me, "....How was your day, Nic?" Once again I lied and my mother knew. Instead of getting in trouble. My mother talked to me about Christ. I was disappointed in myself. I lied for so long and  to too many people.

That night, I prayed for forgiveness. Begged Christ to guide me. Fast forward seven years to a twenty one year old woman. Still quiet but now speaks the truth. Has real friends and a real life. Christ did and still is guiding me.

2. Describe what my life was like before I gave my life to Jesus Christ?

Before I gave my life to Christ. I was struggling to stay afloat. Stressing out from something so small to my image. Envious and jealous of everyone. That girl is so skinny....that couple is so cute....on and on. Most of my life, I was a sinner. Lying to my loved ones and friends. Gossiping. Sinning.

How and When and Why:

3. Tell how and when and why (specific details) I received Christ as my Lord and Savior. Explain it in such a way that a non-Christian would understand how to become a Christian.

I was a sinner. Ignored my religion. Lost from Christ. The lowest moments in my life was when I received Christ. The reasons being:

- I lied and deceived.

-Didn't know who I truly was.

-And simply was LOST!

I thought of taking my life. In my weakest moment, I received Christ. My blank thoughts changed to memories of my family. My mom hugging me so tight....I couldn't breathe. My sister's making me laugh over something stupid. My grandparent's teaching me manners. I realized that I had reasons to live.

Through Christ I found myself.

4. Who helped you understand what to do?

My oikos or my family. I have to thank my mother. She answers any questions I have. And not to forget all the pastors at H.D.C. Without even knowing you help me understand Christ.


5. In a few sentences, explain how my life is different now that Jesus is in it.

I have found peace. Of Course I still slip but I know Christ will be there. I have love all around me. Through Christ I have the strength and faith to walk the path.

6.  Make sure I have a clear and concise closing sentence that I can memorize to tell others.

In my darkest moments in my life, Christ was the light in my soul.