VV Baptism Testimonies

Brian Richling

1. Through the forgiveness of others for my failures over the years, it was obvious to me that I needed to have that same love and pay it forward to those around me.

2. My life was constant struggles. I have always been forced to work several jobs that were managed by horrible people that didn't necessarily believe in helping others in the same way that I do.  I endured death twice due to simple medical procedures as well as survived and recovered from a near fatal neck and head injury. I persisted, but unsure why. I had a failed long term relationship. My own family chose to cut ties and support my former girlfriend over me and my new family. 

3. My family had begun attending HDC upon my wife's request, but my work schedule made attendance sometimes difficult. I endured yet another medical problem suffering a minor heart attack at the age of 32 at which point I felt like there just had to be a reason for me to STILL be living. The fact that I had already gone through so much and was still going strong HAD to mean something.

4. My wife Erica is the one that guided me and helped me to understand the bible.

5. Now, My wife and I are closer in love. My work has improved dramatically with prayer and I have been guided onto a path that I believe was His intention from the beginning. 

6. Without my belief and love in God and from God, my family and my oikos would not have seen the potential that God held for me. I am on a long path still ahead, but I can now see it and I have the help of so many to get me there. When people ask me why I do the job that I do? I reply, because it is what God wanted me to do.