VV Baptism Testimonies

Alexis Brannon

             What made me realize that I need Christ to take away my sin was probably when I was going through some rough times in my life. I was always down about myself and thought that it probably wouldn't get better. I didn't go to church at that time but I did believe there was a God out there who could help me. So, last year around July maybe August, I was invited to HDC and learned so much about our Lord and that he was the only one to save me. I learned this by watching a baptism. At this baptism, I watched a few adults get baptized and it kind of just moved me seeing how their lives changed and I saw how God excepts you no matter the age limit. It made me realize that it's never too late to except Jesus in your life.

              Before I had Christ in my life I just had a normal life honestly. It was pretty neutral but with more struggle. I noticed that I was super negative about everything and so did everyone else.I was also super ungrateful and I always had something wrong. It sounds cheesy but I felt as if something was missing. But, Now that I have Christ in my life, I feel that I can be so much more and I feel very lifted and happy. 

                When I received Christ as my Lord and Savior I felt very changed. It's kind of hard to explain but I just felt good. I felt no negativity and noticed that I smiled and laughed a lot more. My prayers were being answered and I started realizing how much God has blessed me with. I also started realizing the sacrifices He made for us and how much I just really needed him in my life. The people who really helped me understand what to do and actually brought me to HDC were my dear friends Holly and Richie Adams

                I feel that my life has changed with Christ because I notice I am more positive. Instead of feeling doubtful about everything I feel possibility and have so much hope and faith. My life has definitely taken a huge turn. Now that I have Christ, my life is changing and its honestly so amazing.