VV Baptism Testimonies

Vanessa Mendoza

When I was younger, my family and I had stopped going to church and for quite awhile I was bugged about not going anymore, but as I grew I would forget more and more what it was like to be a Christian, my mom would go to different churches to find a good one to attend, we would search and never find the right church that would reconnect us with God. That's when my Aunt Therese invited us to attend a HDC service with her. The atmosphere was amazing, that's when I realized "this is the one". Listening to pastor Tom and pastor Todd, I felt as though they were taking to me, when I witnessed my first baptism I saw the bond the people had with Christ and I realized I wanted to have that kind of relationship with God, where I can fully give my heart and my life to him. After the service where I watched the baptisms I asked my mom about how I can get there and she told me I have to believe in Jesus and so I prayed the "abc's" so now I have been attending HDC for 2 years and my life has changed drastically, with Jesus in my life it has brought me closer to my family, Having God in my life has changed my heart, and that's something I will cherish always.