VV Baptism Testimonies

Therese Herring

Before: I was led by God after he rescued me from despair and grief. I knew I could trust him to love me as imperfect as I am. God is my faithful father and he loves me.

My life before was hectic, stressful, and my marriage was in a sad state. I was depressed and smiling thru my heartache for my children’s sake. Struggling to support 3 kids on my own.

In August 2013 I felt the holy spirit like a purifying breeze thru my heart and soul. The power of prayer compelled me when my cousin Eric was given a second chance to live and restore his life after a horrible car accident. God performed miracles for him.

 Pastor Tom Mercer made such an impact on me with his teachings and conclusions to admit, believe and choose.

With Jesus in my life it has been more peaceful, loving and meaningful. I want to live my life to honor God and teach my oikos to be world changers. God restored my faith and my purpose for living. My life has been a testimony of his love, mercy and grace.