VV Baptism Testimonies

Ruth Rodriguez

What led me to understand that I needed Christ was after Pastor Tom gave a message which spoke directly into my life and left me crying, like a baby in the back of the church.

My life before Christ was tied up in an unhealthy job and marriage. I was roaming through life blindfolded. I was going to church but I put a wall with excuses like "these church people don't have the same problems as me, they all have it easy" . People would greet me at church and I would assume they were judging me for walking around without a spouse and a couple of kids.

I joined a Small Group. I built relationship with new and seasoned Christians and learned no one has an easy life. I saw members in my group be transformed by either accepting Christ or getting through hard times in peace by giving their trust in God.

One night driving home from Small Group, I gave my life to Christ, tears and all! My heart is now at peace because I've given every piece of my life to Christ!

(I practiced this all week and made it in a min, trying to get a women to finish a subject in a min is punishment!)