VV Baptism Testimonies

Katelynn Rodriguez

As a young child I didn't understand the purpose of believing in Jesus Christ. Calling myself a Christian and attending church was routine to me and living for God wasn't my heart’s true desire. I later prayed to receive Jesus at a church service in a church I vaguely remember, but my relationship with God was definitely not a relationship at all, it was still just a routine.

I was lost and searching for instant gratification in worldly things. I relied on people for my happiness and didn't think for myself. I was broken and tried using materials and other broken people to mend myself. In late June of 2014, I found out I was pregnant. I was terrified, how could I take care of a child, if I was incapable of making decisions. I soon realized while hearing a sermon on holding fast to Jesus, that as a broken person I would never be capable of achieving anything in life without relying upon Him. By abandoning my own selfish desires and living in God's will I have recommitted my heart and soul to The Lord. I have matured in my faith and developed a real relationship with Christ. Without Him I wouldn't be able to be the sister, girlfriend, daughter, or mother I am today.