VV Baptism Testimonies

Jacob Herring

Before I knew Jesus I sinned too much and found out that I need God in my life. I needed God, more in my life.

I was selfish, and mean, I still have bad habits, but I started to notice them. When I noticed my habits I tried to stop them.

HOW AND WHEN AND WHY: I learned about Jesus at summer camp. I asked my counselor about Jesus and he helped me understand who He is. I accepted Christ into my life right then.

Ricky the Pastor at Thousand Pines was the one who helped me understand God.

Now I think different on things and I’m involved in more things at Church.

I feel closer to God because I have more of him in my life. I want to be closer to God by getting baptized. I want God in my life and have me have a different perspective on things.