VV Baptism Testimonies

Heather Milburn

I have grown up in and around the church. I went through some years when I was curious about other religions and how they fit in with Christianity. I even took a "World Religions" course in college. I always had a hard time with the idea that good people may be excluded because they don't know about Christ or it was presented to them differently. After sorting through all of the logical aspects of different religions I came to the conclusion that the feeling in my heart that God is the almighty would never be overshadowed.

    It was during my college years that I re-commitied myself to the Christian faith without question. Although I still have moments of confusion, I never waiver from my faith in God! I do believe that I can count on Him in times of need, beyond all others. I do believe that he was selfless when he showed his love for us by dying on the cross and I try to live with those standards as my model. I find strength when I ask Him to guide me to make difficult decisions. I count on my faith in Him to be a model to my children of how to live a life in Christ.

    I have had many obstacles in my life and God has always been there guiding me through them (like in the poem "Footprints"). Sometimes I look back and think what an impossible situation He got me through and it amazes me! That is why I choose to follow God and try to live up to his expectations for me. I know He still has great plans for me and I want to make sure I am open to all He has planned for me!