VV Baptism Testimonies

Steven Hilliard

I had always been a bit skeptical when it came to attending church. I guess I felt that church just wasn’t a place for me. My family believes in God, but we seemed to only attend church when someone passed on. The way I look at it, and how it is described, “I was dead!”

Throughout most my life, always felt like I was alone. After much turmoil in my young adult years I had turned my back to The Lord. I spent these years lost. I abused alcohol, and never held myself accountable for bad decisions. It was as if I did not care of the damage I was doing in my life, or what effect it had on my family. I struggled with sudden outbursts of anger, hate, anxiety, and depression. Sometimes I didn’t even want to move on. I felt like a failure.

My brother told me many times that I needed Jesus in my life. I ignored him most of the time. I remember having plenty of conversations with many people on what The Lord can do to ease the suffering. I ran into an old friend of mine in 2012, Miss Yvonne as I call her. We spent a lot of time just catching up, and she always had something to say in regards to The Lord. I saw how God was working in her life. If you know her you can pretty much see the glow. When she invited me to HDC I took the offer.

I was somewhat nervous the first time I attended HDC. I remember thinking this is such a big place. Then the music kicked in, and I looked all around me at everyone standing. Experiencing goosebumps now I joined in with the crowd, and began to clap and sing along. Pastor Tom was speaking that day. After a while the giant room of people seemed to disappear and I was completely tuned in to The Word, as if I were the only person in the audience and I was being talked to directly. I did not go back to church immediately. I even tried going to other churches. I suppose I was just looking to see if I could experience what I felt that night anywhere else. Truth is I could! I found my way back to HDC and have been coming every Sunday. I even joined a small group in my town. Shout out to my group and thank you all for your support! Now I’m sharing my story and encouraging others to let the light of God shine upon them.

My life has become different now that I am following Jesus. I have learned to trust God in every situation good or bad. Sometimes lessons are learned through hard experiences. God knew exactly how to get me on the right path. Now it is my time to show him my love, and dedicate everything I am to Him. I want to encourage everyone I can to let Jesus take over your heart and experience the strength and wisdom that only comes from knowing Him. I know I still have a long road ahead of me, but with God on my side anything is possible!