VV Baptism Testimonies

Michael Chavez

What led me to understand that I needed Christ to take away my sin was because the life of my wife is amazing, and knowing that Christ died for our sins to help me with my anger and my everyday life, and to learn patience.

Before I gave my life to Christ Jesus, I always had worries, anxiety, I was scared, always had the “what-ifs”, and angry.  I’ve learned to ask for forgiveness with open arms, heart, mind, and asking God to cleanse me of my sins and take over my life. I received Christ as my Lord and Savior on January 4, 2015 during the service; my two favorite songs had me closing my eyes seeing our Lord and Savior with open arms, for my  God is always there for me, my faith is stronger than ever. I learned to be strong in faith through my works. Faith without work is dead. My wife Nancy and God helped me understand what do to. Now that Jesus is in my life, I’ve learned to forgive; I’m patient and so much more giving.  I give whenever I see a need.

How can we as Christians ask God to forgive us if we cant forgive those that have hurt us here on Earth?