VV Baptism Testimonies

Leilani Heldreth

I was brought up in the Catholic Church.  As a child, my parents baptized me.  Growing up I attended church with my Mom and brother almost every weekend.  My Dad would come to church with us on special occasions.  As I would sit in church and have to be on my best behavior, I would just sit there. My Mom and Dad didn’t really talk to me about church or Jesus, but as I got older I attended Sunday school and went through my First Communion, in order to be able to receive the body and blood of Christ.  I can remember as a child, going to sleep at night was a time when many thoughts would go through my head and it made me cry thinking about death.  I did not experience anyone close to me dying, but it scared me and made me cry.  As I would lie in bed at night I started talking to myself, and now looking back, I was talking to Jesus.  Talking to Jesus was something that did not happen all the time but looking back and thinking about times when my life got difficult and things got scary, I always came back to talking to Jesus.  As a teenager, I continued to attend church with my Mom every weekend.  But when I left home to start college, church was no longer a weekend thing.  As an adult, I got engaged to my boyfriend of 6 years and then found out we were expecting a child.  After the birth of our first daughter, we attended church on her first Easter for the first time as a family.  But then we didn’t go back anymore.  After almost 2 years, we had our second daughter and things seemed great.  My husband had a great job, we had a beautiful home and I was blessed to be able to stay at home with our two daughters.  When my second daughter was 3 months old, we hit a rough patch in our marriage and our home life.  One night, as I was alone in the dark I cried out to Jesus and prayed to him.  My husband and I were able to talk about things, to help our marriage, and one of those things was to start going to a church.  We went to HDC one weekend because my brother-in-law and sister-in-law attend this church.  Ever since that weekend we have been faithfully going to church on Sundays. My walk with Jesus has become more intimate and personal.  As a child, my parents did not talk to me about Jesus and now as an adult I want my children to know that Jesus loves them and that Jesus is always with them.  We are now a family of 6, with 2 girls and 2 boys.  I know that I am a sinner and I believe that Jesus is my Savior.  I want to get baptized again to show my children, my family, and my friends that I follow Jesus and I give it all to him.