VV Baptism Testimonies

Shannon Houlemard

Before I gave my life to Christ, I was wandering around trying to be the "Fixer."  I was trying to do what was right, but it was what I thought was right, not what He knew was right.  I felt I had to control it all, and I never understood why things were going on and why I could not fix them.  Many events in my life led me to see that He is there, He is real, and He wants me to follow Him and let Him guide me.  I can't guide Him.  It seems He has been yelling at me in a way for a while.  But for the past few months, I have been giving it all to Him.  I asked Him to take it all, and told Him I know I can't do it without Him.  This made me realize that I could stop worrying about things, because I know He has it all under control.  There is a plan that He has for me that I can’t see, but I have faith and trust in Him; and one day, I will help another person out of the dark.

I have a very good support system that I can talk to and who will guide me in the right direction.  Kris Nordbeck has for years told me, “Give it to Christ, Shannon.  You have to give it all to Him.”  She has always shown me how to walk with Him.  It just took me a little time to do it.  Vanessa Allen puts my head on for me.  When I think I know what I should be doing, she makes me stop and think, “Is this what God wants you to do?  Stop and listen to Him.  Let Him guide you.”  Michelle Rains opens her house to us every week and lets me get there early and talk to her.  There are so many people who have helped me with my walk, and I thank you all so much.

After I gave it all to Him and accepted Jesus as my Savior, many thing fell into place.  I began to see how He loves me, and that He will take care of me.  I know I can talk to Him when I feel down, hurt or wondering what and where this is all going.  I have felt at peace with my life and the issues that have been going on in my life.  He is protecting me and my family.  There have been two events in the last week that He had His hand in. He put us in the right place at the right time in both cases.  After the events, I had to sit back and see that He is the one who put us there, led us to help and led us to safety.  I thank Him for leading us in the right direction.

Always look up, He will guide you no matter what if you ask and give it all to Him.