VV Baptism Testimonies

Preston LaMarca

Growing up I always had a smile on my face and laughed as often as I could. I went to a Christian School, but never accepted God as my personal Savior. I took things as a joke. The one thing I remember is when guest speakers would come and speak during our chapel service on Wednesday they would always say come to Jesus now, do not wait until you are older, come to Jesus now. I felt I was too cool for God and I did not need God because I thought I was Superman and nothing could happen to me, and that the Jesus thing was not for me.

I grew up in a divorced home, not really seeing my dad often hurt me as a child, and at times it still does because my dad passed away 3 years ago. Once my dad passed away I was angry with God. How could he take my Dad from me? He was healthy and a doctor. Once my dad had passed, that is when my life started to spiral downward. I had no care in the world and did whatever I wanted not thinking of what was pleasing to God. As my life continued to spiral downward, and I continued with my late night life style, I would wake up in the morning still feeling empty. Nothing filled the hole in my heart or the empty space I was looking to fill, but yet I still tried to find happiness with my previous life style. I met my wife one year after my dad had passed and she helped me heal and turned me into a better person and taking more consideration into my actions.  

After meeting my wife I returned to Church after many years of not attending church. I only attended Church in school, and that was because every Wednesday was Chapel and was mandatory to go. Once I returned to church and really sat and listened I knew I was acting like a child in my high school days and deiced to take my walk with God serious and not make it a game. After attending church for two weeks I broke down driving home and knew I was messed up and needed God to come into my life and wash away my sins so I could become a better husband, a better father, and just an overall better person and one that gloried God with my actions. Without my God, my wife, and Son coming into my life I would probably still be living the night life like I was before. Once I accepted Christ I wanted to dig deeper so at work or on my way to work I would listen to Greg Laurie, Carl Lentz, and Judah Smith to get a deeper understanding of Christ. Now that I have come to Christ I feel at peace with my father’s passing and have filled that empty space I was trying to fill and feel a happiness that is explainable. In my hear, I know God is in my life and all things are possible through Him with Faith.