VV Baptism Testimonies

Nicolle Mercado

I grew up in a family of non-believers.  While I know that my parents loved my younger sister and me, we lived in a constant state of chaos and dysfunction.  There wasn’t a whole lot of peace and reassurance that things would be alright.  I carried that chaos with me as I grew into an adult and tried to do things my own way. 

            In 2011, my sister got very sick and was in the hospital.  I was alone with her when her doctor said, “She is very sick and not doing very well at all.”  I went into the hallway and cried, wishing something greater would heal my sister.  As I sat there, I remembered my dear friend and mentor Jackie Powell had invited my family to High Desert Church. She patiently asked and invited for many years and would often remind me gently and lovingly of how good God was.  I remembered those words as I sat in the hospital.  That weekend my husband, children and I went to HDC for the first time.   I felt at peace the second the first song “Happy Day” came on.  I know that it was Jesus welcoming me to church. 

            The following weekend was Easter Sunday and I accepted Jesus as my savior.  We then joined a small group which has become the loving Christian family that I always wanted and needed.  With lots of prayer and faith, my sister is getting better every day.

            Having Jesus in my life means that I don’t have to continue to rely on myself amongst the chaos.  I feel at peace knowing that no matter what trials come my way, Jesus is right here in my heart and beside me and my family.  My children can now grow up knowing that they do not have to have worry about the things that I worried about as a child.  We all now live a life where Jesus is at the center and takes care of us in a way I never imagined.  Thank you Jesus for washing my sins away and making this my “Happy Day”.