VV Baptism Testimonies

Melenie VanEarden

I cannot remember when exactly I understood that I needed Christ to take away my sins.  I was baptized Catholic as an infant and attended Christian preschool and elementary school; however, my family did not attend church while I was growing up.  Although we did not attend church, I always enjoyed the chance to hear God’s word when family or friends invited me to attend with them.  Despite the absence of Jesus’s teachings in my home, I feel like I have been a believer and had a personal relationship with Him for as long as I can remember. 


My husband and I first attended HDC in February 2011 after experiencing a miscarriage.  I was very devastated after the loss and felt that I needed God’s strength to heal and fix what was missing in my life.  I wasn’t sure what church I should go to so a very good friend invited us to attend HDC with her and her family.  I don’t remember what the service was about that day but I left feeling like a huge weight was lifted off of me and the guilt and sadness I felt was lessened.  I did not continue attending and instead thought that if I could just keep myself busy, I would forget the experience on my own.  I focused on working, being a guardian of my three-year-old niece and being a full time nursing student to avoid dealing with the difficult things in life.  Of course, while you are busy you think things are better but when life slows down, the problems that you buried reappear.  The depression I felt over my miscarriage would sneak back in, I could see my marriage was not healthy, my niece’s behavioral problems were not improving despite being in a stable home and I still felt like something was missing.  I began to pray for guidance and help to get my life back on track.  Slowly I noticed things changing, my marriage was improving, our niece was doing better in school and the best thing of all I found out I was finally pregnant again.  I knew the same complications from my pregnancy were highly likely again and the joy I first felt in finding out I was pregnant soon began to be replaced with fear and anxiety.  With the encouragement of family and friends and even strangers, I turned back to God and realized how important it was to keep an active relationship with Him and I began praying daily.  My daughter was born December 20, 2014 healthy and full term despite all of my doctor’s expectations.  Finally, being able to hold my baby in my arms and seeing the power of God to change even the worst anticipated outcomes for the better allowed me to realize that I need to live my life by trusting in Him completely.