VV Baptism Testimonies

Denise Brail

 I was not brought up in a religious home as a child.  Religion wasn't really in my life until I was in high school when my mom got remarried to a religious man.  I went to church with them on occasion and I enjoyed the singing and that was about it.   When I was 18 I attended Azusa Pacific University and that was when I first really started to feel a connection with Jesus and God. I accepted Jesus as my savior and I was lucky to spend two years at APU where I got to experience many wonderful things like choir, chapel, and mission trips.  I married the preacher's son shortly after my second year of college.  We had a very difficult marriage and we were unhappy most of the time.  We fell away from the church and he was unfaithful to me.  After three years we separated.  I lost my connection with Christ and God.  I continued with my life and finished school and became a school teacher.  I consistently dated the wrong kind of man and even though my career was flourishing, my personal life was not.  I was lonely and at times unhappy.  I was missing something.  I felt a hole inside of me.  I decided that I needed to fill that hole and do the one thing that I have always wanted, to become a mommy.  I became certified to be a foster mother.  I had a challenging little 7 year old girl.  I wondered what I had gotten myself into.  I knew I couldn't do this alone.  My friend Ashley reminded me about HDC which I had attended before in the past.  I started going at first just to get a break from my challenging foster daughter.  Then I remembered what it had been like before to have Jesus in my life again.  The music took over me once again like it had so long ago.  I felt like I had come home.  Now I have my 9 month foster baby girl Kaylie and I want her to be brought up with Jesus and God in her life.  So in the morning she will have her dedication and in the evening I will be baptized with my mother attending 40 years after the first time.