VV Baptism Testimonies

Dan Maples

Before I gave my life to Christ, I was very selfish and prideful.  I relied only on myself and my abilities, rather than on Jesus.  Work was so much of my focus I had little time and energy for anything else, including my wife and family, and far less time for building a relationship with Jesus. Yet I always felt stressed and guilty.

When I did come to Christ, it was not a “Divine Revelation” type of event.  It actually was a four-year journey, along with a couple significant events, that finally woke me up.  The first event occurred about four years ago, and it was centered around a work related event which brought about a lot of financial stress and trust issues at home.  Although it changed my habits and behavior, it did not really change my thinking process at that time.  Somehow I knew though, in the back of my mind, that Jesus was trying to get my attention.  The second event about 16 months ago was also a work related event that brought about a lot of emotional stress and anxiety, and it was this one that finally brought me to my knees.  I realized at that moment that I could not manage life on my own, and I asked Jesus into my life.

I began daily studying the Bible and recognized that in order for me to have the kind of relationship with Jesus that I wanted, I needed to have Christ remove my sins, so that there would be no barriers between us, so that He can work in me and through me.

My wife Kathy has been a believer all along, and had been praying for me all these years.  She did not push her faith on my, but I could see her faith through her obedience to Jesus.  She is the one who helped me realize that I need Him.

Now I am less stressed.  I want to help others more.  I try to find opportunities to share the word of Jesus with my daughters and others.  My relationship with my wife is even better than it already was.  Work is far less important than it used to be.  I am reading the Bible and studying on a daily basis, and it is starting to make much more sense to me.  But whenever I stop letting Jesus lead, I always get lost and end up in the wrong place.