VV Baptism Testimonies

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I’ve never known life without church. I’ve always gone to church.  There I learned all about God and how he created everyone and how we had a choice to choose to sin or not to sin.  I learned that when I was born I had sin in me because of Adam & Eve and The Fall.  At church they taught me how to pray and ask God to forgive my sin and that because of Jesus’ birth, perfect life & death on the cross (His sacrifice) I can be forgiven if I choose Him as my savior.  They taught me the “ABC Prayer” – Admit I have sins and I need forgiveness and to be saved. Believe that Jesus died for my sins to save me.  Choose to follow God and accept Jesus to save me from sin.  So one day in the spring of 2014 I asked my mom to pray the ABCs with me in my room and I became a Christian.  When I saw my dad and friends get baptized it made me happy and it made me feel like I wanted to get baptized too.  I want to show my OIKOS, my friends and family, that I am now a Christian, a Christ follower. Since I became a Christian, I have made better choices in my life. Even though sometimes I still make bad ones, I know that Jesus will forgive me when I ask him to.  I have become a better brother and a better friend since the Spirit helps me make less bad choices.